Ferno is Conner's starter pokemon. He is a male Combusken. He used to be very timid until he evolved and he became more self confident. He is incredibly loyal.

Appearence Edit

Combusken is a chicken-like Pokémon that trains so that when it evolves, it has all the power and strength it needs. Most of Combusken’s upper body is tan in coloration, and most of its lower body orange. It has a feather crest on top of its head with three orange points and its eyes and beak are also orange. The feathers on its arm-like wings resemble a long-sleeved jacket, with three razor-sharp claws at the ends of its long arms. There are shaggy tan feathers on the top of Combusken’s thighs, and from the center of the waist is an orange-colored, pointed pattern. It has bulging thighs that seem big compared to its body. Their gray-colored legs are capable of devastating kicks, and Combusken has a small pointed tail.


It has the ability blaze.
Fire symbol



Focus Energy




Flame Charge

Crush Claw


Double Kick

Brick Break



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