Tide is the the first gym leader and the water gym leader. He is very kind but always says water pokemon are the best. His prize is TM13 (Ice Beam)


Tide is very kind but arrogant when it comes to water pokemon. He believes they are the best type of pokemon.


Tide has light blue and whitish hair. He never has a shirt on he wears brown shorts and usually has jewels around his head, neck, and shorts. He also carreis a blue surfboard.



Tide's first pokemon is his level 11 Corsola.

Corsola knows Tackle, Harden, and Bubblebeam


Tide's second pokemon is his level 8 Shellder.

Shellder knows Tackle, Withdraw, Supersonic, and Icicle Spear


Tide's last and most prized pokemon is his level 12 Slowbro

Slowbro knows Curse, Yawn, Tackle, and Water Gun

Hurricane BadgeEdit

Once you beat Tide you will be rewarded the Hurricane Badge. This badge will start your collection. His reward is Ice Beam.
Hurricane Badge

The Hurricane Badge

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