Jessica's Ultimate PokeBattle Arena!

Hi! I'm Jessica! I own this wonderful place in Celadon City. Don't know what this is? It's a Mixture of A PokeMart, Battle arena, and A Pokemon Center. You can battle different Trainers and if you win. You get Battle Points. With these Battle points you can buy different Items(Including Pokemon). To sign up for a free Membership, and get 1 Free Item for your pokemon to hold. Please Tell me your Character's name, All of your Pokemon's name, and What battles(or all) you'd like to join in the comments.

People And Their Pokemon Entering.Edit

  • Aaron (Shinx, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Diglett, Pidgey)


Hi! I'm the healer. If you want your pokemon healed, tell me which ones in Comment, and I'll help out ASAP! We also have Trade centers in the Back. Sign up to trade pokemon in Trade Center.


Hello! Welcome to the Pokemart, See anything you Like? Select them in the comments. Make sure you have enough Points. I'll keep a Track of Each of Your Battle Point Currency. Each Single battle Won match is 2 BP. It's 4 BP If you enter A double Battle.

  • Potion. 10 BP
  • Super Potion. 20 BP
  • Hyper Potion. 40 BP
  • Rare Candy. 50 BP
  • Quick Claw. 40 BP
  • Oran Berry. 5 BP.
  • Moomoo Milk. 10 BP
  • Lemonade. 10 BP
  • Homemade Poffin. (Oran) 10 BP
  • Homemade Poffin. (Custom) 15 BP.


  • Abra LVL 3 (25 BP)
  • Bidoof LVL 3. (20 BP)
  • Lilipup LVL 4. (30 BP)
  • Purrloin LVL 4. (32 BP)
  • Patrat LVL 3. (24 BP)