• Michael Iron


    October 6, 2012 by Michael Iron

    Alright.. So I'm making this blog because a few idiots managed to piss me off. Now that we have that through..

    ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! I get new things and then everyone else needs to? It's stupid.. That's like me kicking over a rock and then someone gets a new pokemon.. It isn't fair.. Half of my pokemon are weak as s*it but they don't listen, All they want me to do is just be the weakest in the team as the frick always.. This is just idiotic. I get a new pokemon, Destiny gets pissed off and says she's getting a Victini which is a 100 stats all pokemon.. When half of all pokemon aren't even close to that level, Then Maro and Mars let it stay.. And then all the sudden I argue about it and then I get banned for it.. That's even stupider b…

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