Electric gym leader

Volkson is the 2nd Gym leader and is the Gym Leader of Electricity. She is very energetic.


Volkson is a very energetic person. You could say she has an 'Electric' attitude.


She has brown hair and blue eyes. She has black pants and a blue shir. She has yellow wristbands with Pokeballs on them. Also a yellow head band with a black marking on it. Also she has a Pokeball necklace.


Pikachu (Lvl 13)Edit


  • Thundershock
  • Growl
  • Quick Attack
  • Tail Whip

Magnemite (Lvl 10)Edit


  • Metal Sound
  • Tackle
  • Thundershock

Jolteon (Lvl 15)Edit


  • ThunderShock
  • Tackle
  • Helping Hand
  • Sand-Attack

Badge and PrizeEdit

Volkson's badge is the ThunderStorm Badge. Her prize is TM73 (Thunder Wave)
Electric gym abdge

The ThunderStorm Badge

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